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2022 Nutrition Report: So isst Deutschland! (How Germany eats!)

Less waste, more climate protection: More and more consumers place value on sustainable products and fair trade! This is why supermarket shoppers are increasingly buying regional and seasonal foods that prioritize animal welfare. 87% of consumers would like more information about this – especially with regard to Germany’s new animal husbandry labeling system. 

Similarly, 44% of respondents are considering adopting a flexitarian diet, i.e. deliberately eating less meat.

But that’s not all: Demand for vegetarian and vegan foods is steadily increasing. 47% of respondents have bought vegetarian or vegan alternative products (instead of animal-based products) at least once. The younger target group in particular (64% of 14- to 29-year-olds) has made the conscious decision to buy vegetarian or vegan products at least once.

Plant-based milk alternatives such as soy or oat drinks are the most popular here (84%). But the sale of meat (80%) and sausage (70%) alternatives has also increased by a full 12 percentage points compared to 2020. 

Overall, 75% of respondents said they bought alternative products out of curiosity, while 71% cited concerns about animal welfare. 64% chose such products for reasons related to taste and climate change, and 47% for health reasons.

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is reacting to these findings by increasing its support for organic farming and for more organic, seasonal/regional foods in daycare centers, schools, company cafeterias, etc.

Likewise, BMEL is seeking to facilitate access to information on sustainable nutrition and sustainable lifestyles. Among other programs, the ministry is working on a comprehensive animal husbandry labeling system that will make the origin of animal-based foods more obvious for consumers.

At The Plantly Butchers, we are very positive about these developments and are responding to the growing consumer demand for alternatives to meat and sausage products! We’ve made it our mission to develop sustainable and delicious plant-based foods made from natural ingredients. Curious, creative, and brimming with positive energy, we invite shoppers to visit our Flavor Workshop. Come see how a varied and conscious diet of innovative plant-based products looks... and tastes!


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