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Godo Röben: New reinforcement for The Plantly Butchers

The market for vegan alternatives continues to grow – and with it the new company pillar of the TFB group, The Plantly Butchers.

The management team is now joined by a competent reinforcement. Freelance consultant Godo Röben comes on board with in-depth knowledge of the market for plant-based alternatives. In recent years, he helped guide Rügenwalder Mühle in its successful transformation from animal to plant-based proteins. Now he will put his expertise at the service of The Plantly Butchers and join the TFB Holding advisory board.

Röben also sees his role at The Plantly Butchers as a networker between the various players in the plant-based protein market, producers and politicians alike. Learning and profiting from each other, shaping the market together, and putting it on a sustainable footing – that is his vision. His stated aim is to make The Plantly Butchers’ Billie Green the leading brand in the segment. What’s more, he wants to accomplish this in the next five years along with TFB partner Hans-Ewald Reinert and TPB CEO Sven Wieken.

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