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What moves and drives us!

Not from one day to the next – But today for tomorrow.

With our plant-based products, we want to make a sustainable change to the attitude we all hold towards the consumption of meat. Of course, that won’t happen overnight. But every day we work on making meat products the natural choice and, as a result, on making the world of tomorrow a little bit better.

On this page we tell you what it is that moves and drives us:

  • as far as meat alternatives are concerned, we always keep our eyes open for new options and ideas;
  • we answer questions posed by people who want to consume less meat;
  • we report on our raw materials and the way they are processed when we make meat-free products;
  • we provide insight into our development and production;
  • and we introduce our new brands and new vegetarian and vegan products.

We regularly share highlights on particular topic areas in stories here. All previously published stories can be accessed here at any time; they are easy to sort by topic area.