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Our Contacts

Do you have a question about a specific topic and want to talk to the right contact person? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We will introduce you to our team members from HR, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Product Development so that you can find out who is best placed to answer your question.  

So don’t hesitate to write to us with your question. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sven Wieken General Manager
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Larissa Grotepaß People & Organisation
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Christopher Kautsch Distribution
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Ruth von Bar Marketing
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Carolin Meyer Supply Chain
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Miroslaw Ryschka Product Development
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Jörg Bunk Teamlead Communication
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Christin Herzog Teamlead Finance
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Marc Rhode Field Service Manager
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Ruth von Bar

Ruth is good - for creative work, hammer presentations and Excel spreadsheets. Open, creative, enthusiastic with amazing experience at a young age.

Learn more about Sven

Sven Wieken

Managing Director
A boss with heart and mind. Sven has a lot on his plate, but he always finds time for his team's concerns. 

Learn more about Larissa

Larissa Grotepaß

People & Organization
The good soul of the team and the best feel-good manager. She infects everyone with her creative zest for life and keeps the team together.

Learn more about Christopher

Christopher Kautsch

Christopher has an outgoing manner with which he opens the doors to trade for us. He spreads good humor and knows how to captivate people.

Learn more about Carolin

Carolin Meyer

Supply Chain
Quiet, but powerful! When Caro thinks for herself, not even the fastest truck can outrun her; she always has a suggestion ready. Nothing moves without her.

Learn more about Miroslaw

Miroslaw Ryschka

Product development
Miro can conjure up delicious things from plant-based raw materials! We could do with three of his kind - he juggles his projects with nerves of steel like a clown juggles his balls.

Learn more about Jörg

Jörg Bunk

Teamlead Communication

Learn more about Christin

Christin Herzog

Teamlead Finance

Learn more about Marc

Marc Rhode

Field service manager