Our vision: The innovation driver of vegan food experiences.


The innovation driver of vegan food experiences. That’s our vision.

We supply high-quality, plant-based protein products and develop foods that make vegan diets fun and joyful. We are convinced that new sustainable protein products will form an essential part of our diet. That’s why we are already an integral part of InFamily Foods-Group’s overall protein strategy.

To this end, we are developing high-quality products packed with flavour under our new Billie Green brand, which impress with their high quality and natural ingredients. Each year, we expand our portfolio by introducing new, innovative products inspired by trends from all over the world. We apply the latest scientific and technological development to our creation process and take the necessary time to ensure that the quality of our products meets our requirements. That’s why we’re setting new standards in the development of vegan protein products – and helping our customers’ well-being, the climate and the environment. Because we are acting responsibly for future generations. We apply our broad expertise dynamically so that we can identify and overcome the challenges of a society undergoing rapid change at an early stage. This is how we are fulfilling are mission: BEST PROTEINS FOR YOU.