Billie Green

Our company’s first brand is called Billie Green and symbolises the development, the new, the visionary as well as the entrepreneurial spirit that we as The Plantly Butchers have always embodied as part of our heritage. As a corporate start-up within the InFamily Foods-Group, we offer premium, plant-based protein products and develop foods that make the world of vegan diets fun and joyful. 

Billie Green provides our consumers with purely plant-based products, most of which are already additive-free*. Billie Green’s vegan products already rank among the best in terms of flavour. The Billie Green products also have a protein content of between 33 and 36 %, which is significantly higher than that found in the majority of our competitors’ products.

Experience the entire Billie Green brand world on our brand website. Have fun!
*Free from additives means that we do not add any additives that require an E number, such as preservatives, artificial colourings or thickeners.