Billie Green

Our company’s first brand is called Billie Green, and is a symbol of development; the new; the visionary; and of the entrepreneurial spirit that we, The Plantly Butchers, demonstrate from our heritage. As a corporate start-up of the InFamily Foods-Group, we supply high-quality, plant-based protein products and develop foods that make vegan nutrition easy and enjoyable.

Billie Green offers consumers plant-based products, which we already produce with absolutely no additives*. As far as taste is concerned, Billie Green vegan plant-based products are already almost indistinguishable from their meat equivalents – and we are very close when it comes to nutrients: the protein content in Billie Green is up to 30 %, which is almost similar to the protein content in meat.

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*Free of additives means our products don’t contain any E number additives, such as preservatives, artificial colors, or thickeners.