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Vegan Salami

Billie GreenVegan Salami, Chorizo-Style

Vegan Salami
Vegan Bacon

Billie GreenVegan Bacon, with Chili

Billie Green

Vegan SalamiPremium-Style

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Our Billie Green Vegan Salami Premium-Style combines smoky flavor with a fine noble mold note - and thus enriches your everyday sandwich with delicious baguette delight. The perfect topping for your bread, toast and of course baguette. Naturally free of additives*. The protein content of our Billie Green Vegan Salami Premium-Style is 32 g per 100 g.

*“Free of additives” means our products don’t contain any E number additives, such as preservatives, artificial colors, or thickeners.

Grammage 70 g
Nutritional values per 100 g | Energy 1083 KJ / 258 kcal
8,7gof which saturated fatty acids
3,4gof which sugars
2,0gdietary fiber

drinking water, 30 % wheat gluten, 10 % textured plant protein wheat protein (wheat protein, pea protein), coconut fat, garlic, onion, coloring foods: radish concentrate, carrot concentrate, caramelized carrot concentrate, table salt, natural flavor, lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate, wheat starch, dextrose, yeast extract, spices, citrus fiber, rice flour, beechwood smoke.

May contain traces of egg, soy, milk, and lactose.