[Translate to English:] Billie Green Vegane Grill-Taler mit Kräuter-Marinade
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[Translate to English:] Billie Green Vegane Bratwurst Krakauer-Style

Billie GreenVegan Bratwurst, Krakauer-Style

[Translate to English:] Billie Green Vegane Grill-Taler mit Kräuter-Marinade
Billie Green Vegan Barbecue-Bacon

Billie GreenVegan Barbecue-Bacon, with Paprika-Marinade

Billie Green

Vegan Barbecue-Thalerswith Herb-Marinade

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Billie Green's delicious vegan barbecue thalers with herb marinade are characterised by their spicy herb marinade, their juiciness and their hearty bite. They are also free from additives* and have a high protein content. So full of flavour without compromise. 

*Free from additives means that we do not add any additives that require an E-number, such as preservatives, artificial colourings or thickeners.

Grammatur 180 g
Nutritional values per 100 g | Energy 1198 KJ / 286 kcal
8,0gof which saturated fatty acids
4,5gof which sugars

25 % wheat gluten, drinking water, textured vegetable protein (wheat protein, pea protein), coconut fat, lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate, rapeseed oil, rapeseed oil (fully hydrogenated), table salt, garlic, vegetables: onion, carrots; spices, aria, colouring foods: paprika concentrate, carrot concentrate; wheat starch, sugar, herbs, dextrose, yeast extract, dried tomatoes, jalapeño.

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Kann Spuren von Ei, Soja, Milch und Laktose enthalten.